Experience Renewable Energy

Let's expand the usability of clean and accessible Renewable energy.

Wind turbines
MW installed capacity

Our mission

We are working on expanding reusable energy and making it accessible for all.

Finding the project
At Litelektra, we search for small-scale and already working renewable energy projects.
We discover the improvements and prospects of projects.
We are making electricity smart
We make renewable energy accessible for all and all year round with stable pricing using AI tools.

What we do?

Our goal is to make renewable energy accessible to everyone and everywhere. We seek the combination of sun and wind energy to keep an entire cycle of stable and affordable energy throughout the year.

Our objects

We are working with various new and already working wind and sun energy projects. Every project is carefully evaluated and constantly being improved by our team.

1MW Wind farm
Batakiai, Tauragė region, Lithuania
5.4MW Wind Farm
Skurvydiškės, Telšiai region, Lithuania
1MW Wind Farm
Kretinga region, Lithuania
4.9MW Wind farm (under development)
Kalvarija region, Lithuania
11MW Wind farm development project
Under evaluation (Lithuania)
1MW Solar plant
Soon (Lithuania)

Head of Litelektra

Darius is the head and spirit of Litelektra. With 15 years of experience in risk project management and business administration, Darius leads renewable energy projects in Lithuania. Do you have any questions or ideas? Contact Darius via email at darius@litelektra.com

Contact us

Would you like to know more about our solutions and possibilities? Contact us, and let's discuss possible partnerships!

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